Top 5 Tips To Look Your Best For Photos

Whether you have a session coming up, or you just want to fine tune your IG posing game, I’ve compiled my top 5 tips to look your best for photos. Some might not be what you expect!

Lets dive in..



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I know, it’s easier said than done. But trust me, if you’re tense and thinking too hard, this will show in your posture, face, and body language. When kissing, try not to pucker or scrunch your eyes. If you’re standing, shift your weight between legs and move if it feels right! Try to incorporate action within each pose, such as gently grazing your hand over your partner’s arm, resting your head on their shoulder, and going in for a kiss on the cheek or a shared smile. Nothing your photographer says is a strict “and don’t even blink” directive. You are the subject and YOU are allowed to improvise! Nothing should feel or look forced, and if it does feel that way, let your photographer know you’d like to try a different prompt or come back to the more “romantic” photos later (or ask for a shot of whiskey, I’ll probably have some stowed away for ya).


2. React Naturally

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Your photographer may give you a prompt such as “wrap your arms around each other, and place your foreheads together” but notice there is no queue for how you should feel. Some people may interpret this pose as a solem, quiet moment. Some may think it’s super silly being so close to one another and it sparks laughter. My tip is: react how you would if you were in private! If it’s funny to you, LAUGH! If the prompt/pose gives you butterflies for your partner – hug them tighter and give ’em a kiss. The right photographer wants you to interact as you truly are, even if that’s silly and can’t-keep-a-straight-face. I typically ask my couples to describe their relationship in 3 words, because I want your photos to feel like you!


3. Wear Earth-Toned & Neutral Colors

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This could totally be a personal preference, but I love seeing my couples dress darker so their emotions, reactions, and surroundings are highlighted. But, there is also a technical reason to avoid bright colors: Color Reflection. You might not see it with your naked eye, but bright colors (especially neons) reflect off of every close object and person in photographs. Showing up to your session with a neon red shirt will cast neon red all over your face, as well as your partners. No one wants to look like they’re caught in a fever sweat, so wearing muted, dark, earth-toned colors assures YOU will be the highlight of every image. Plus, literally everyone looks great in black.


4. Dress True To Yourself

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If you wouldn’t wear an evening gown in real life, don’t wear it to your engagement session. I totally understand wanting to dress up and look your best, but it is more than what you wear – it’s how your clothing makes you feel. Chances are if you’re not one to normally get dressed up in a blouse and bow tie, you WILL be uncomfortable. And your photos will show it. I usually tell my couples that we have time for 2 outfits – most choose one casual outfit and another a little dressier – but the level of formality is totally up to their comfort zone. Maybe you don’t know how to dress yourself (we’ve all been there) so take my advice and incorporate layers so we can switch up the look a bit. I’m talking leather jackets, high top chucks with ripped jeans, and a wide-brimmed hat or two. Here is my personal Client Closet Pinterest Board to help get you on the right track.

Side note: be super considerate of your session location. If it’s on top of a mountainside, maybe (definitely) ditch the heels.


5. Reschedule

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Hear me out. I know you can’t possibly wake up every day feeling like a super star whose relationship is unwavering and flawless. All couples bicker, but if either you or your partner are not in the right headspace to participate in intimate, candid, and joyful interactions – your photos are gonna show it. I’m not talking about “we’re awkward” or “I’m a little nervous” because I LOVE awkward & nervous! Some of my very best sessions have been with clients who say exactly that! I’m talking about not even your favorite meal and a side of fries is putting you in a good mood, or maybe your partner peeved you off  because for the hundredth time you’ve asked them to put away their shoes (been there). These little arguments can rock your axis a bit. SO If you don’t feel connected and ready to work as a team, don’t get your photo taken. I know personally, I would rather my clients be open and honest about wanting to reschedule versus going through a very tense and uncomfortable session because your energy is off. I’m super understanding, and most other photogs are too! Simple stuff, Happy Couple = Happy Photos.


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