Boone, NC Engagement | Caroline and Mike

Ready for the love story of the century?

I met Caroline on Facebook. No really, its true.

She posted in the entrepreneur group Rising Tide Society that she and her fiancé, Mike, were looking for a photographer to capture engagement photos in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Plot twist – they’re from Florida, and were wanting to drive all the way up to NC for a local photog who could arrange a mountain-side session. I took a big breath, put on my big girl leggings,  and sent her message. Even though there were no joke hundreds of responses, she decided that I was the right one for them (I guess I have a certain charm about me via the internet).

It’s endearing and terrifying when another photographer chooses you – but the pressure is even more immense when the couple is traveling 10 hours up for the session! I won’t lie, I said a few prayers and did some deep breathing exercises before hitting the road to Boone. In reality, these two and this location made my job easy peasy.

To say the session was amazing would be an understatement. We may have accidentally hiked 30 minutes up the wrong trail first, but we continued to embrace the chilly mountain winds because we knew the results would be so worth it. Once we got to the top of Rough Ridge, we were speechless from the view. Not only was this adventure breathtaking, but also gives us a good story to tell!

I’m so happy to have connected with Mike and Caroline and had the chance to photograph their love on that mountainside. Going up the wrong trail and back down proved to have been completely worth it.

*Big shoutout to my husband, Devon, for holding onto my belt loops so I wouldn’t go cascading over the cliff, you’re the real MVP*

For more on Mike and Caroline’s story, check out these features in Carolina Magazine and Perfect Wedding Guide.


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